Integration company

Berufsförderungszentrum der besonderen Art


What you can’t do in large, you shouldn’t untried in the small.
                                                                     (Adolph Kolping)

 Berufsförderungszentrum der besonderen Art

The training hotel "Aspethera" in Paderborn

In March 2016 the training Hotel Aspethera celebrated its 10th anniversary.
In that time many young people with special promotion requirements have been qualified, whether in the field of education or in the area of vocational preparation.

The hotel Aspethera is on one side  a hotel with the standard
"3 star superior" (Official Hotel Classification of the DEHOGA association) and
on the other side a Berufsförderungszentrum der besonderen Art.

The Foundation KOLPING-FORUM Paderborn has in the planning and construction of the
KOLPING FORUM created the content and space requirements for this
innovative project. In close cooperation with the Agency of
Employment and the DEHOGA association, the Foundation has developed the concept.

The hotel Aspethera young people trains in a variety of ways.
The spectrum ranges from skilled practitioners kitchen, cook, hotefachmann / -frau, Restaurantfachmann / -frau and  specialist in Hospitality. Among them are found not only young Spaniards also people with disabilities. In addition, participants / participants in the
Vocational preparation training / BvB  and BvB-reha), represented by the
Federal Agency financed for labor, qualified.

All prerequisites were created for this purpose in the hotel Aspethera.
So for the young people is a restaurant with more than 70 seats, the hall
for banquets (up to 375 seats), a modern
Kitchen and 57 hotel rooms (including 6 rooms wheelchair accessible) as
School available. In addition, training and exercise rooms, computer workstations and meeting rooms are available.

Since 2010, the foundation is also recognized as an integration company. Thus,
young people get the chance not only meet people with disabilities, but also to practice in daily life.

The Ministry of Economics and Labour of NRW, supported the establishment
the hotel as a qualification and training site for young people
with handicaps, with an "investment grant for the construction of a
Educational institution for special groups of the labor market ". This model project requires a particularly high coordination effort. But it creates for young people and the frame, in a
"Almost" normal operation, with interesting and demanding guests,
to be formed with a upscaled à la carte cuisine, or the prepreparation to learn practical on training and occupation.